Blind Heli-Skiers Raise Money For Visually Impaired Backcountry Athletes

Blind Heli-Skiers Raise Money For Visually Impaired Backcountry Athletes


Blind Heli-Skiers Raise Money For Visually Impaired Backcountry Athletes


“Our goal is to raise awareness of the abilities of the blind, create a once in a life-time opportunity for two blind skiers and to raise funds for future backcountry adventures for the blind.” –Tyson Rettie

Really cool story out of British Columbia where a pair of blind skiers rattled off an incredible 25,000 vertical feet in a single day to raise money for the Braille Mountain Initiative, a non-profit organization aimed at inspiring blind and visually impaired people access the backcountry.

On Wednesday, March 22nd Tyson Rettie and Mark Bentz accomplished their goal by skiing 25 runs in Rogers Pass thanks to donated heli time Great Canadian Heli-Skiing and are currently raising toward their goal of $15,000 Canadian for their charitable organization.

Cheers to Great Canadian Heli-Skiing for the generous donation and cheers to Tyson and Mark for using the opportunity to raise awareness for a worthy cause. If you would like to help support Braille Mountain Initiative, please do so HERE.

Here’s Tyson & Mark are on run number 11, carving up Comedy Glacier.


Blind Heliskiing…Yes you read that right.
On March 22nd Great Canadian Heli-Skiing donated a day of heliskiing so that two blind athletes can challenge themselves to ski 25,000 feet in an effort to raise funds for other blind adventurers to experience the Canadian backcountry.
All the funds from this fundraiser will go towards a 5 day backcountry trip for the blind and visually impaired. Click here to learn about last years adventure where 5 blind hikers had the opportunity for adventure and to create senses of achievement, motivation and self-confidence which are key drivers of mental and physical health.
In addition to raising funds for other blind athletes to challenge themselves in an unlikely and empowering environment this fundraiser also provides a literal dream come true for two blind athletes. Click here to see what Mark thought of his life long dream of heliskiing finally coming true.


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