Bear Cub Climbs Terrifying Rock Wall (Watch)

Bear Cub Climbs Terrifying Rock Wall (Watch)


Bear Cub Climbs Terrifying Rock Wall (Watch)


The video below shows a mama Mexican black bear and her cub climbing a rock wall in Santa Elena Canyon on the US-Mexican border.

It’s unclear why they’re scaling the wall, but their ability to do so is beyond impressive.

Check it out:

Those bears look like fricken Alex Honnold!

Did you notice how the cub hit a spot he couldn’t pass, backed down the wall, adjusted, and chose a better route? That was so cool to watch.

Here’s more information about the Mexican Black Bear from Bear Conservation:

Description: Medium sized black bear, adult males weighing around 90 to 180 kg (200-400 pounds) and adult females around 45 to 110 kg (100-240 pounds).

Range:  Exact range in Mexico is poorly defined but recorded in the states of Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, Zacatecas and Durango.  Chiso Mountains in Texas, USA (including within the Big Bend National Park).

Status:  There is strong evidence that Mexican black bears are increasing in numbers and, as a result, dispersing northwards into Texas in the Hill Country and along the Rio Grande; nevertheless numbers remain small.  Mexico has listed black bears as in danger of extinction and the bears are listed as endangered in Texas.

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