WATCH: Snowmobilers Send It Over House

WATCH: Snowmobilers Send It Over House


WATCH: Snowmobilers Send It Over House


Kyle Pallin (@kylepallin) and Adam Peterson (@adampeterson113) are pro snowmobilers from the Midwest.

Pallin is from Ironwood, MI, and Peterson is from nearby Wisconsin.

Rather than throw stunts in a normal setting, the Red Bull-sponsored duo decided to build a huge kicker that gave them enough lift to jump Pallin’s home in Ironwood.

Check out the awesome video below:

If you weren’t aware, snowmobiling is massively popular in northern Wisconsin, Minnesota, and throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

It’s no surprise that a bunch of people turned out to Pallin’s house for this impromptu video shoot, and I loved to see it.

I lived in Madison, WI for a time, and I dearly miss taking trips up to the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin and the UP.

The people are friendly, the snow is deep, the beer flows like wine, and it’s just an all-around great vibe up there.

The video above is a perfect example of that.

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