Cowboy Curling- The Sport Of The Future? (Awesome Video)

Cowboy Curling- The Sport Of The Future? (Awesome Video)


Cowboy Curling- The Sport Of The Future? (Awesome Video)


Canadians love Tim Hortons, playing hockey, and being super nice to every single person they meet. At least that’s been my experience every time I’ve taken a journey to the Great White North.

Our neighbors to the north are also big fans of curling- a sport that I wish more Americans could participate in.

The video below shows competitors at a skijoring competition in Alberta, Canada playing a round of ‘Cowboy Curling’.

Check it out:

“This was an event at the Skijoring competition held in Blairmore, AB. Skijoring is a timed event of pulling a skier by horse around a set track with obstacles and jumps.

Cowboy curling was held during the intermission of the Skijoring races. My friend Alma and her horse Baxter are pulling Trevor on the tube.

Cowboy curling is won by having the tube closest of 5 teams to the center dot just like regular curling. The horse and rider run from the starting point to where the traffic cones are.

The tube rider has to let go of the rope at the traffic cone. The horse and rider veer off and the tube carries on trying to get closest to the center dot spray painted on the snow. Alma and Trevor won this round.”

Looks like a ton of fun, right?

Let me know if you or somebody else could get me involved in a game of Cowboy Curling. It would make for some awesome content!

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