Burton Snowboards Graphic Artist Exhibition Debuts In Stowe, VT

Burton Snowboards Graphic Artist Exhibition Debuts In Stowe, VT


Burton Snowboards Graphic Artist Exhibition Debuts In Stowe, VT


If you’re cruising through Stowe after a day on the hill, I highly recommend you pop into the Vermont Ski & Snowboard Museum to check out the new Scott Lenhardt exhibition running through October 2023 (suggested donation $5). Scott did his first graphic for Burton way back in 1995 and has provided artwork for 55 boards since then. He’s also worked with notable clients like Phish, Nike and Adidas. To watch a really cool interview with Scott that unfortunately won’t embed please GO HERE:

Scott Lenhardt: Artistic Contributions to Burton Snowboards, 1994 – Present

Open through October, 2023 n

West Rupert, Vermont native Scott Lenhardt has done over 55 graphics for Burton Snowboards, and he’s not done yet. He did his first graphic for them in 1995 while still in college and over 25 years later he’s still pumping them out including signature graphics for Ross Powers and Danny Davis. Scott was part of our Art of the Graphic exhibit and when collecting his pieces for that show he made the comment ‘I have everything’ which was the spark for this solo show of Scott’s amazing work.

In addition to snowboard graphics, Scott has done work for Phish, Nike, Adidas, Mountain Dew, and Vice Magazine. He’s done numerous pet portraits and a very humous series called Twenty Four Hour Woman, but he’s best known for his work with Burton.

Scott grew up snowboarding in Southern Vermont and was part of the notorious Glebelands crew, who could be found shredding Bromley in the early/mid ‘90’s.

This exhibit features select works from throughout his career that allow the viewer to step into Scott’s work as it progresses from concept to the full-sized paintings and the boards they become. The detail that Scott works into his art is incredible and much of it is hidden to the uninformed but will come to life with Scott’s insights on the work that are part of the exhibit. Intermixed will be other works from Scott that exemplify the range of his imagination.

There will be an extensive selection of work for both Ross Powers and Danny Davis, including the art behind Danny’s current Deep Thinker series.

The exhibit will open through October 2023.

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