The Voyageurs Wolf Project studies the bustling wolf population within Minnesota’s Voyageurs National Park.

They set up a camera with the goal of recording wolves, but were unsuccessful.

Instead, they managed to capture dozens of otters, a mama bear, her three cubs, multiple deer, a couple of coyotes, and other critters.

Check out the awesome video below. Feel free to jump around the video if you don’t feel like watching the whole thing:

The Voyageurs Wolf Project: “Now that’s a lot of otters! We put this camera here hoping to get good footage of wolves moving around the edge of this beaver pond but that didn’t pan out. But we did get a bunch of otters… and of course, a bear and her 3 cubs who on two occasions knocked over our camera.

So didn’t turn out as we hoped but still got some neat footage regardless…just not of the animals we had hoped! The footage spans June to September from this past summer. Once the bears wreaked havoc on the camera for a second time, we decided to remove the camera!”