WATCH: How To Ski Tour Properly

WATCH: How To Ski Tour Properly


WATCH: How To Ski Tour Properly


Ski touring is all the rage these days.

Thousands of new skiers are flocking to the backcountry, and many are looking for tips for making their tours more enjoyable.

The video below by Stomp It Tutorials provides a comprehensive guide for beginners to learn how to ski tour.

Please remember to always bring a beacon, probe, and shovel, and to Know Before You Go every time you recreate in the backcountry.

Stomp It Tutorials: “In this ski touring tutorial we squeezed 10 tutorials into one so it will contain a lot of information but we could obviously not cover everything and we apologise for that so make sure to take appropriate safety courses!

Dave Searle teaches us many basics tips and tricks about ski touring. A few things we learn are how to plan your next ski tour, how to pack for ski touring, how to put climbing skins on, using pin bindings, how to kick turn, how to choose a safe line to walk up and much much more.

Remember to take avalanche courses or join a guide to learn more about the hazards of ski touring. Join a camp:


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