Mount Bohemia, MI has become the only ski area in the United States that offers free skiing to people who purchase weed (that we know of).

The legendary Midwest powder mecca has partnered with Lume, a local cannabis dispensary, to offer free night skiing on Thursday night to guests who purchase over $50 of products.

Mount Bohemia President Lonnie Glieberman told MLive that he’s excited about the partnership:

“We’re excited for this partnership with Lume to allow people to have a free night of skiing,”

“Things have been going well so far this winter. Our bookings are way ahead of last year even though we haven’t had the same amount of snowfall. We foresee a great second half as February is expected to be very snowy.”-MLive

Lume’s area manager Jeff Verlinden told MLive that the partnership made sense considering Mount Bohemia’s track record of breaking the traditional mold of ski resorts.

He sees Lume’s cannabis products as an alternative to drinking cocktails after a day on the mountain:

“It is a little unusual, but we work hard to get rid of that stigma that cannabis has. With Bohemia being the most advanced ski resort in Michigan, we thought it would be a great partnership because the majority of skiers there are adults. People are used to going to the ski lodge to have a cocktail after skiing. We’re trying to show them there’s other options out there as well.” –MLive

The partnership starts this Thursday, January 26th.

Lume has a conveniently located dispensary in Houghton, MI that visitors to Bohemia drive past on their way up to the mountain.

Plenty of big name ski resorts have partnerships with beer, liquor, and hard seltzer companies.

Could the Bohemia/Lune partnership be a sign of things to come for the ski industry? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

images from Lumecann FB

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