Credit: YOUTUBE/Craig Schaible

In the year of 1979, long before ski trikes became popular around the country, Chrysler released what they hoped would become competition for the popular snowmobiles. A quick glance might convince you that it’s a more modern device, as it does look quite a bit like the ski trikes on our slopes today, but it’s not. It’s the 1979 Chrysler Sno-Runner.

This tiny beauty featured a Power Bee 820 two-stroke 134cc engine, giving around 8-horsepower when new. Weighing out at just 71-pounds, the Sno-Runner was designed to be portable, featuring a five-pin system that allowed it to be easily broken down and tossed into the back of a reasonably small car.

Unfortunately, the Sno-Runner struggled to reach even 8-horsepower (an already low number), and struggled even further at higher altitudes, making it nearly useless in a pretty major region for a vehicle like itself. Production for the bike stoped within two years, but around 30,000 products were sold in total. Those numbers have managed to leave a fairly decent community of individuals who still own and maintain their own Sno-Runner, with one selling over at yesterday, January 18th, for $3,300.

Featured Image Credit: Joe Berry via YouTube

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