What's One Thing That's Changed About Skiing That You Hate?

What's One Thing That's Changed About Skiing That You Hate?


What's One Thing That's Changed About Skiing That You Hate?


Little Cottonwood Canyon – Hurry Up & Wait : Andrew McLean | StraightChuter.com

^Little Cottonwood Canyon traffic jam. Credit: Straight Chuter

The skiing and snowboarding industry is ever-evolving.

There are salty ski bums in mountain towns scattered across the country that would prefer things to stay the same, but change is inevitable.

We wanted to gauge how diehards skiers and snowboarders feel about recent changes in the industry, so we asked our 175k+ Facebook followers:

‘What’s one thing that’s changed about skiing and snowboarding that you hate?’

Here are their best answers:

^Credit: Patrick Untersee on Unsplash

Brian B: “That tourons have discovered touring…”

Susan S: “Too crowded, roads closed too much in winter and when they open the entire universe shows up.”

Jack C: “The indemnification list which seems to be made to sell more bindings and skis. If it passes the calibration test, why is it not ok? Let’s keep filling our landfills with more skis and bindings!”

SJ H: “All the skiers and riders who think these sports are like a day at Disney World.”

Vail's 'lift line apocalypse' — and the new ski resort with a radical solution | Financial Times

^Never forget the epic lift lines of February 2020 at Vail. Pour one out for the homies that braved this madness.

Adam H: “People complaining about the price of walk up tickets and food. Both of these issues are easily avoidable.”

Jeff W: “Not enough monoskis”

Jim B: “People skiing with blaring speakers dangling off of them. Get some earbuds!”

Scott W: “$23 wings and $26 hamburgers”

Taylor H: “People bitching on the internet instead of going out and having a good time”

Patrick F: “Mountain execs used to be mogul skiers, now they’re real estate moguls.”

Aaron G: “Lift tickets prices!”

Jordan T: “The Olympics. Snowboarding was better when they hated us.”

Gerrie F: “The smell of weed EVERYWHERE in Colorado. Slopes, Chairlifts, lift lines…”

^Credit: Weedmaps

Zahava B: “The Peak Chair lift-line at Whistler”

Kayla K: “The damn traffic. All the flatlanders and their ill-equipped vehicles thinking they can make it up without proper snow tires or chains then realize they can’t and decide to chain up in the middle of the road blocking traffic. Super fun.”

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Sorry for spreading all of the negativity, but some of the answers were pretty funny.

Stay tuned for next time when we ask what people love that’s changed with skiing and snowboarding.

There will surely be less answers, as the internet fuels spreading hate, but we’ll hopefully have some positive messages to share!

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