“It’s just a big piece for us to be able to respond and not be in ski boots and snowboard boots and just wear normal boots with these, they (deputies) like the quick response and safety aspect of the bike.” –La Plata County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Frank Sandoval

La Plata County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado has come up with a novel approach to patrolling the slopes of Purgatory Ski Resort. The Colorado law enforcement agency has purchased 4 ski bikes for officers to cruise around on while keeping the peace.

“We deal with an occasional intoxicated person, sometimes we are dealing with domestic violence up there. Theft of the ski tickets, theft of personal belongings you know, you get some equipment up there — thousands of dollars, that can get taken.”

When an emergency call comes in it can take about 45 minutes for officers to arrive on scene at Purgatory, so La Plata County Sheriff’s Office instituted a Ski Deputy Program to keep personal stationed there for quick response times. Deputies on participating in the volunteer program are not required to use the ski bikes but they are an available option for to use while patrolling the mountain.

Not sure what other specialized gear they have available but I think a helmet mounted cherry light paired with handlebar sirens would be a nice touch. How do you feel about the fuzz rolling on ski bikes?


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