Noah Gaffney Is Killing It (Impressive Videos)

Noah Gaffney Is Killing It (Impressive Videos)


Noah Gaffney Is Killing It (Impressive Videos)


Robb Gaffney’s son, Noah Gaffney (@noahgaffney) is on an absolute tear.

Noah is a local to Palisades Tahoe, just like his dad, and has been skiing the biggest and most badass lines across the resort.

For starters, Noah is the first person to ski McConkey’s (aka Eagle’s Nest) this season. The last guy who tried it was coincidentally his uncle Scott, and he didn’t fare so well.

We wrote about Scott’s brutal injuries from his crash on Eagle’s Nest here.

Watch as Noah nails the line perfectly in the video below:

Gaffney is also being hailed for landing a massive backflip on ‘My Air’ off the KT-22 lift.

The first video below is his POV.

The second was filmed from the KT chairlift by a group of skiers that could only look on in amazement.

We’re struggling to find who originally posted the video. If it’s you, or somebody you know, please let us know!

We’d love to share it on our page and give you credit.

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Keep an eye out for Noah Gaffney to make cameos in Teton Gravity Research projects next season.

He’s on the rise, and it doesn’t appear that he has any intention of slowing down anytime soon!

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