One of the most iconic attractions in Utah’s Provo Canyon is the 607-foot Bridal Veil Falls. When you combine a massive double-cataract waterfall and heavy snowfall, major avalanches can occur.

KSL reports that Utah SR-189 was briefly closed on Tuesday due to a massive avalanche that occurred at Bridal Veil Falls. A Utah Highway Patrol deputy was nearly caught by the Provo River floodwaters and had to be taken to the hospital for hypothermia. The walkway at the bottom of the falls sustained damage and is closed to the public until further notice.

Utah Avalanche Center shared some wild photos from @UDOTavy of the scenes.

A video report of the situation from KSL News is below.

Image/Video Credits: Utah Highway Patrol, Mike Newry of Unsplash, @UDOTavy, KSL News

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