Moose Sheds Antlers On Security Cam (One-In-A-Million Chance)

Moose Sheds Antlers On Security Cam (One-In-A-Million Chance)


Moose Sheds Antlers On Security Cam (One-In-A-Million Chance)


What are the odds that a home’s security camera captured the exact moment that a moose shed its antlers?

Some are arguing it could be “one-in-a-million”.

The video below, which has gone viral on TikTok has already amassed more than 18 million views since it was posted last week.

The video was recorded in Alaska.

Check it out:


Moose dropping antlers at my house! #moose#antler#shedding #scaredtheshitoutofhim

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Tyra Bogert told The Today Show that she went to her sister’s house in case the power went out during a snowstorm.

She was sitting with her niece when she got a notification from her home’s security camera that there was movement outside.

She pulled up the video feed and watched in real-time as the moose shook its body and shed its antlers! You can read more from The Today Show here.


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