“I saw a thing on the news about what Coloradans want for Christmas, a new football team, fresh snow and an opening date for Casa Bonita.” –Trey Parker

Most excellent news to report out of Denver, Colorado where South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone along with their head chef Dana “Loca” Rodriguez made a quick announcement to spread holiday cheer.

Casa Bonita (featured in a classic 2003 episode of South Park) finally has an opening date, May 2023. The theme restaurant featuring Mexican food, live music and of course cliff divers hit the skids during the pandemic, shutting its doors and sadly looked to be on course for permanent closure before the Trey and Matt stepped in a bought the place. It’s been an absolute money pit but a labor a love for the good hearted creative geniuses (HVAC alone cost $4 million).

Of course Colorado residents will have ample opportunity to grab a bite and watch the show but as out-of-state skiers and snowboarders who fly into Denver before heading off to the mountains I highly recommend budgeting enough time for a meal at Casa Bonita. Can’t think of better way to begin or cap off a trip ski trip CO!

Casa Bonita featured on South Park:

Here’s a taste of the behind the scenes headaches and massive cash injection it took to keep this Colorado tradition alive. Oddly this is the only available version of the video I could find and it was played on stage at Red Rocks:

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