FOR SALE: The Christmas Story House

FOR SALE: The Christmas Story House

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FOR SALE: The Christmas Story House


One of the most iconic Christmas attractions in the United States is currently for sale. A Christmas Story House in Cleveland, Ohio was recently put on the market. Exterior scenes and some interior shots from the 1983 film were taken at the famous yellow house in Cleveland.

In 2004, Brian Jones, who is a major fan of A Christmas Story, bought the home for around $100,000. He got the money for the down payment from his entrepreneurial business, which was selling the infamous leg lamps seen in the movie. Prior to 2004, the previous owner had retrofitted the home to remove any reference to the film. Brian renovated the home to make it almost an exact replica of what the house was like in the movie, which included renovating the interior spaces. Since then, it has become one of the most popular tourist spots in the city.

The sale includes multiple properties. There is the main yellow house, a museum, a gift shop, the Bumpus’s House (which is currently being used for tours and overnight lodging), two empty lots (one zoned for commercial, and the other is zoned for a single-family residence),  a two-family rental unit, and a parking lot for staff members.

I actually got to visit the home back in 2010, and I was really impressed with the experience. The home practically looks and feels like the one in the movie, and it’s one of the most unique tourist attractions that I’ve visited in my life.

When I visited, Ian Petrella, who played Randy in the original film, was helping out with the guided tours. We even got to see him go under the sink to replicate one of his iconic scenes.

The listing price is unknown, but it sounds like a solid investment. According to Variety, Brian Jones wants the new owners to take the property to the next level, possibly by adding a Chinese restaurant or a BB gun range. Just don’t shoot your eye out during the closing process.

Click here for more information about the listing.

Image Credits: A Chrismas Story House


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