Snowbird Announces Early Opening For Mineral Basin

Snowbird Announces Early Opening For Mineral Basin


Snowbird Announces Early Opening For Mineral Basin



Snowbird, Utah has hundreds of acres of fantastic terrain on the frontside of the resort, but nearly every regular gets really jazzed up when the mountain’s back bowl, named Mineral Basin, opens for the season.

As most of you know, Mineral Basin faces due south, and sunny days can really leave a beating on the snowpack.

That doesn’t seem to really be an issue this year…

Snowbird announced yesterday afternoon that Mineral Basin will open TODAY, Friday December 9th for “one of the earliest openings (they’ve) ever seen.”

143 inches of snow have already fallen on Snowbird, and more is set to come this weekend. Powder lovers are rejoicing!

The video below shows the rope drop on Mineral Basin when it reopened last season in March.

Turn up the volume. You can hear the stoke.


Cheers to everybody hitting up Snowbird today.

Take some footy for the boys (and gals) of the Mineral Basin rope drop and send it my way.

We’d love to share it! (We’ll tag and credit you of course!)-

Snowbird Ski Trail Maps | Ski City

^Mineral Basin trail map

Those of you who aren’t extremely familiar with Snowbird might recall that the resort had a scary incident last season involving two military helicopters.

You can watch that video here:

Featured/Header Image Credit: Snowbird

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