WATCH: The Mountain In My Mind- A Ski Film about Mental Health

WATCH: The Mountain In My Mind- A Ski Film about Mental Health


WATCH: The Mountain In My Mind- A Ski Film about Mental Health


Please take the time to watch this film in its entirety. It’s the film I’ve been waiting for somebody to make.

Mental health is something every single person in the world battles with at one point or another. It’s long overdue for us to talk about it.

Enjoy, and please share this fantastic film with your friends and family.

Mountain in My Mind: Presented by LINE Skis and FlyLow Gear, The Mountain in My Mind is a ski and snowboard film about mental health. This breakthrough film is the first of its kind to interview skiers across the “Suicide Belt” in the Rocky Mountain Region of the United States.

The film has one goal: Destigmatize talking about mental health and suicide in the ski industry.

It started as an internet thread and after one year, 36,000 miles of traveling, 14TB of footage, 9 live-premieres across the Western US, 11 news appearances, and 2 podcasts; the film is finally making its online release.

Topics include: Suicide, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Sexual Assault, Substance Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Eating Disorders, Body Dysmorphia, etc.

Featuring nearly 50% men and 50% women, the film has all types of skiing, including: urban/street skiing, ski mountaineering, sled/snowmobile-assisted skiing, terrain park skiing, snowboarding, pillow skiing, powder skiing, resort/in-bounds skiing, and more!

Director/Fundraiser: John Padilla (@john.padilla on Instagram)

Editor: Allen Jimenez

Cinematographers: John Padilla, Kyle Dudgeon, Alex Saad, Jordan Skattum, Dead West Creative, Derek Shreiner, Sarah Dolan, Jack Clark, Payton Voss, and Tyler Stevens.

Graphic Designer: OozBlue (Liam Johnston)

Animator: Randy Fugler – Fortified Graphics

Athletes/Interviewees (In order of appearance): Audrey Friess, Bobby Sullivan, Forrest Coots, Clare Chapman, Jack Clark, Jed Water, Sarah Dolan, and John Padilla

Guest Athletes (In order of appearance): Seb Gralla, Ramzi Stech, Joe Nichols, Cameron Klepper, AJ Yang, Payton Voss, Mac Harrison, Derek Shreiner, and Tucker FitzSimons.

Locations: Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, California, and British Columbia.

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