Drainage Ditch Is A DIY Waterslide (It Actually Works)

Drainage Ditch Is A DIY Waterslide (It Actually Works)


Drainage Ditch Is A DIY Waterslide (It Actually Works)


Two Spaniards and their dog turned a drainage ditch near Moneva, Spain into their very own waterslide, and it actually looks like a good time.

Watch as they hoot and holler their way down through multiple tunnels surrounded by the beautiful rolling hills of Spain.

“My friend Adrian, my dog Thor and I jumped into a channel where water runs. We slid through several tunnels, until we hit a 90 degree turn…”

It’s nice to know that there are honorary ‘rednecks’ in just about every country around the world.

Confused? Just think about it. If somebody showed you that video without audio wouldn’t you assume that those guys are from the south?

I don’t mean that as a negative either. I spent 4 years living in West Virginia, and I can assure you those folks know how to have a good time when it comes to the summer sun, bodies of water, and drinking alcohol.

They’re an absolute blast to hang out with.

I’m glad we have some Spanish brethren who enjoy the finer things in life as well.


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