How To Ski The Funnel of Death Couloir (Watch)

How To Ski The Funnel of Death Couloir (Watch)


How To Ski The Funnel of Death Couloir (Watch)


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the best-named backcountry line in the on planet Earth- The Funnel of Death Couloir. You can’t find a better name out there, because it doesn’t exist. Don’t even try.

Just saying ‘Funnel of Death Couloir’ out loud makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It’s a badass name that demands respect.

The Funnel of Death Couloir is a spicy line on Bow Peak in Banff National Park (Alberta, Canada). The mountain has a peak elevation of 9,318′.

Check out the terrifying line below:

Video uploded to YouTube by Ben Soneff:

“Skied The Funnel of death on Bow peak a couple weeks back. We skied it from the top down and came up around the backside instead of boot packing up it. Conditions ranged from blower powder at the top to icy sections and avi debris towards the bottom. Stoked to tick it off the list!”

*Note- The couloir action starts around the 3-minute mark.*

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