Why Flash Floods Are So Dangerous (Watch)

Why Flash Floods Are So Dangerous (Watch)


Why Flash Floods Are So Dangerous (Watch)


Flash floods can be extremely dangerous.

Millions of gallons of water can come rushing down a mountain or through a dry creek bed in just a matter of seconds.

The sheer force of the water can move boulders like they’re pebbles, flip cars, and even wash away entire buildings.

The vide below shows the raw power of a flash flood in the Illgraben Valley. It’s considered one of the most geologically unstable regions of Switzerland as it is prone to severe flash flooding events.

Check it out:

“Insane flashflood caught on film on the Illgraben in Switzerland. This footage tells us so much about the mechanism and the raw power of the wave that surges when a flashflood occurs. Be careful out there people. by: Bergwasser”

Notice how huge boulders are being moved with the debris as if they weigh nothing?

Imagine what that flow would do to any human that was caught in its path. It would most certainly mean death.

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