Santa's Rocket Sleigh Inspired By The Movie 'Elf' (Watch)

Santa's Rocket Sleigh Inspired By The Movie 'Elf' (Watch)


Santa's Rocket Sleigh Inspired By The Movie 'Elf' (Watch)


Those of you who are fans of the movie ‘Elf’ might recall that Santa Claus has to rely on a jet engine to power his sleigh.

We learn throughout the movie that the world is lacking the ‘Christmas Spirit’ that used to fuel his reindeer to bring presents to boys and girls across the world.

It seems as if the crazy old man in the video below was inspired by the Santa in ‘Elf’, and has made a rocket-powered sleigh of his own.

Check out the crazy video below:

Video uploaded to YouTube by Robert Maddox: “Crazy Rocketman Santa takes off in his Rocket Sleigh.”

Real-life rocket-sleigh Santa isn’t catching any air, but you have to give this madman an A for effort.

Anybody else notice that he’s rocking some kind of old Volkl skis for his sled to slide on? That’s kind of neat.

I bet Volkl never envisioned their snow skis would be used for a crazy old man dressed up as Santa Clause to slide on the snow-covered salt flats of Nevada on a rocket-powered sleigh.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Unofficial Networks!


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