Andri Raggetli Skis Into A Train (Watch)

Andri Raggetli Skis Into A Train (Watch)


Andri Raggetli Skis Into A Train (Watch)


Swiss skier Andri Raggetli is making a name for himself when it comes to doing odd, yet fascinating things on the internet.

His most popular viral videos are of his wacky obstacle course training regiments, and that creativity translates into his ski videos.

Raggetli was hired to film a promotional video for Swiss Tourism that highlights Switzerland’s fantastic rail transportation for tourists.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video:

I saw the original Instagram reel when Raggetli posted it a couple of weeks ago, and honestly I wasn’t that impressed. It was a cool gimmick, but it didn’t blow me out of the water.

With that said, I really enjoyed watching the video above that shows what Raggetli had to go through to film that quick clip.

Filming a quick Instagram Reel can really be a grind, eh?

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