There’s one particular joke that skiers like to make when it comes to discussing moguls.

It’s nearly impossible to discern where it originated, but it’s become part of the lexicon of skiers across the country:

“Where do they store the moguls in the summer?”

For some reason, this question is usually attributed to a skier from Texas. Sorry Texans, it’s seems like you’re always catching strays when it comes to joke in the ski industry…

Moguls are obviously not stored by the ski resort over the summer.

Any real skier knows that the Forest Service removes them during the offseason so that ski resorts in South America can use them. DUH!!!!!

Most skiers have a love/hate relationship with moguls. We love it when they’re soft or slushy, but we absolutely hate it when they’re icy and the size of a VW Bus.

Joshua Duncan-Smith, a professional instructor in the Swiss alps, has created the video below to teach us how to ski bumps with style.


Joshua Duncan-Smith: “The Ski Co. Learning Centre online tuitional videos series dives into mogul skiing with this in depth break down of how to ski the ‘Round Line’ in bumps.”

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