Skiers aren’t talking about Nikolai Schirmer’s YouTube channel enough.

Schirmer, if you’re not familiar, is a Norwegian big mountain and backcountry skier that creates movie-quality short films for his YouTube channel.

He’s amassed over 83k subscribers, not too shabby for a ski channel, but he deserves more credit. He’s easily putting out the best ski content on the internet right now. There’s no other way to put it.

His most recent upload shows him and three other skiers/riders attempting to summit and ski Nállangáisi, a jaw-dropping mountain deep in the Norwegian backcountry.

Please take 16-minutes to watch the following film in its entirety. It’s spectacular. Check it out:

Nikolai Schirmer’s (@nikolaischirmer) crew:

Eivind Aanensen: (@eivindaanensen)

Finn Kristoffer Hovem: (@finnkhovem)

Krister Furnes Kopala: (@kriskopa)

Joonas Mattila: (@joonasmattila)

The cinematography, the commentary, the danger, the drone shots, the music, the GoPro POV footage, the INSANE skiing… it’s just all so… perfect.

You might make fun of me for fanboying too hard over Schirmer, but what can I say, his videos are awesome. If you can’t see that, well then you must be blind, pal.