This 12-Year-Old Skier Is Better Than You (Watch)

This 12-Year-Old Skier Is Better Than You (Watch)


This 12-Year-Old Skier Is Better Than You (Watch)


Hello internet. I’d like to introduce you to 12-year-old skier Walker Woodring, AKA Walker Shredz (@walker_shredz).

He’s an up-and-coming skier who has been absolutely DOMINATING junior level freestyle skiing events since he was just 7 years old.

Shredz has partnered with Insta360 to create a sick edit that showcases his prowess all over the terrain park, and highlights the versatility of Insta360’s X3 camera.

Check it out below. This kid is so damn good.

Insta360:Get your X3 here:

WARNING! PRODIGY ALERT! Everyone SIT DOWN cause class is in session! Today, Walker’s gonna teach you how to shred 🤩 Based out of Park City, Walker “Shredz” Woodring is a monster on the slopes. Check out some of the coolest freestyling you’ll ever see 😎 Give a warm welcome in welcoming Walker “Shredz” Woodring to the Insta360 family 🎉🎉 Freestyle Skiier and Insta360 Ambassador: Walker “Shredz” Woodring”

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