Mt. Baker Ski Area in northwest Washington hasn’t opened for the season yet, but there was plenty of early-season snow blanketing its slopes just last week.

YouTube channel Factotum Project drove up to Baker for a few days of parking lot camping and powder surfing with his dog. He estimates that it snowed around 60 inches in just three days!

Check out his fun edit below:

Factotum Project: “The snow started falling early last year so I packed up the van to spend a few nights in the Mt. Baker parking lot and ride some pow! By the end of my trip I had a snow-walkway dugout from my van door to the parking lot. There’s deep snow and then there’s Baker deep snow. I think we had around 60 inches of snow over 3 days! This was shot on the first day I arrived and got out for some evening pow turns next to the parking lot. Enjoy!”

There wasn’t all that much of him powder surfing, but I still enjoyed watching the cinematography of his video.

What can I say? I live on the east coast and watching somebody just walk in 60 inches of fresh snow is absolutely delightful.

It unfortunately end up raining quite a bit up at Baker around Halloween and brought their snowpack to the bare ground in some spots. Baker has not set an opening day yet. Here’s the latest update from their snow report on 10/31:

Monday October 31st updates:

We’ve been getting some tricks and some treats with the weather over the past few weeks . . . close to 20″ of snowfall but mixed with some significant rain, which brought our snowpack back down to bare ground in places.

Forecasts are calling for a classic PNW roller-coaster of some snow and some warmups over the next 10 days. Stay tuned, and we will continue updating with any significant changes.

At Mt. Baker our opening day is dependent on natural snowfall, and we open as soon as we have our crew trained, the necessary snowfall accumulation ( which varies depending on the snow density and how it packs down as it falls) and a favorable forecast. Our employee training is happening this coming weekend, so all we will need is more accumulation and a favorable forecast to get back to shredding! Stay tuned here for updates, and hopefully we will have some good news for you in the first half of November!

Let it snow.