Tents rock. They allow you to experience the wilderness and nature over night with quite a fair amount of ease. Unfortunately, as nice as they are, they aren’t always exactly what you need. Some locations don’t have room for you to set up a tent if you also have your car, sometimes the weather isn’t the best for tents, and you can’t usually just set up a tent in the parking lot of a ski resort to ensure you get first tracks in the morning.

There are a few things that can fix that gap, but they generally have their own issues. You could sleep in your car, but space and comfort is often an issue there, you can sleep in a rooftop tent, but that doesn’t fix the issue of bad weather, or you could get yourself a camper trailer, but those take up a lot of space and they generally cost a lot of money. So what do you do? What’s the best option for a night in a ski resort parking? Unfortunately, I’m not a car camping legend, so I don’t have the answer to that, but I do know of a rather happy medium.

The Redtail Skyloft is a rooftop tent, but it’s not a typical rooftop tent. Instead, you should think of it as a hybrid between the rooftop tent and a camper trailer. It’s like the hotel suite of rooftop tents. What makes it so special, you ask? It’s the first hard-sided rooftop camper, meaning you don’t have to worry about the cold, snowy ski season weather as much as you do with a regular rooftop tent.

This thing is built with carbon fiber, meaning, despite its strength and solidity, it’s still pretty lightweight. Including all the built in amenities that I’m yet to mention, it weighs out at 330 lbs. That’s still heavy, but it weighs a lot less than it would if it was made out of aluminum or any other material. It’s 110″ long, 60″ wide, and 11″ tall when closed, though it gets up to 65″ at its tallest point when open. No, it’s not massive. No, you won’t be able to lounge in it like you can lounge inside a camper trailer. But, it has plenty of space to curl up and sleep, and it goes on top of your car, so what do you expect?

As for those special built in amenities, well, there are a fair number. This thing is set to come with solar panels, a 60 amp hour lithium battery bank, a diesel heater, built in fan, interior and exterior LED lighting, lockable doors and windows, a USB ports and outlets, and much, much more.

It’s important to not that, because of its size, there’s a decent chance the Skyloft won’t fit on your car. Their website explains that the camper is meant to fit on vans, full sized trucks, and some full size SUVs. Midsize vehicles, like, as the website states, Toyota 4Runners and Subaru Outbacks, won’t be able to carry this pop-up.

The Redtail Skyloft is not yet available for purchase and does not yet have a set price, but you can assume it’ll be quite a bit more expensive than a typical rooftop tent. The company states that they are hoping to open a waitlist for ordering in the coming months so try to keep an eye out for sell dates if you’re interested.

Image Credit: Redtail Overland via Instagram

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