Video description:

@mattydinthegye: “Dog owners didn’t have their dog on a leash in GTNP while observing a Wild Bison Herd. Needless to say the huskies instinct kicked in. The massive bison was being a bison. The issue here is the human was doing what humans do______________. I’ll let you humans fill in the blank.”

The National Parks Service has strict rules when it comes to guests and their pets. Every park, no matter the location, requires pets to be restrained by a leash “which shall not exceed six feet in length”.

These laws are to protect the animals that roam the parks, and the pets themselves. The video below shows what can happen when pets are not properly leashed or restrained.

Video filmed in Grand Teton National Park, WY.

Poor dog nearly lost its life due to its ignorant owners.

Please remember to ALWAYS leash your pet when visiting any US National Park. It’s the law, and the smart thing to do.