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How Steep is Steep?

“People overestimate the incline of the slope because of the fear of descending that hill” – Joel Gratz (OpenSnow)

Basically however steep you think the incline you’re riding is, you’re probably wrong and its probably less. We have all had our suspicions when some big timer bellies up to the bar after a long day on the hill, bragging about the 50° incline they battled and how it felt near vertical, well it most likely wasn’t even close to 50° but it probably felt vertical.

Expert resort runs average around 30° to 35°, there are exceptions to this generality and they are usually not sustained. The gold standard for steeps remains this time honored measure….if you can stand up vertically and touch the face of the hill with an outstretched hand you might be approaching +50°.

Hope you learned something.

Screen shot 2015-12-10 at 12.04.44 PM*Joel made this video for OnTheSnow, but be sure to check out his website OpenSnow for all the latest ski weather info.


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