With the holiday season right around the corner I’ve been scouring the internet for the latest and greatest products for outdoor lovers, and I just found this absolute gem on Kickstarter.

The Chasm-Lite inflatable standup paddle board weighs in at just 19.5lbs including the pump, paddle, and backpack.  Light enough to throw on your back and hike to that secluded backcountry mountain lake for a paddle or wade through the throngs of the mid-summer beach scene and find some sweet solitude out on the water.

Before making a purchase of this magnitude I always do a bit of background research on the company to make sure everything is up to snuff. When I started poking around available information on Kokopelli Packrafts, I was pleasantly surprised they turned out to be super legit.

Founded out of a garage in Denver ten years ago, Kokopelli has been relentless in their pursuit of continually developing high end packrafts using cutting edge materials, with the end user experience as their primary focus. If you’re in the market for anything that inflates and goes on water, you should definitely check out their full line of products. Also if you need a bit of inspiration for adventure, they have a blog with a ton of articles that showcase use cases from around the world READ HERE.

Back to the world’s lightest SUP…I would recommend the $749 Early Bird Package which includes everything you need to get out on the water including a Mustang Minimalist Inflatable Belt Pack (retail $125).

Comparison shop to your hearts content but you’ll be hard pressed to find anything of this quality for this price. Check out the pitch video and explore purchasing options HERE:

The Chasm-Lite by Kokopelli

Chasm-Lite will be the world’s lightest and most packable stand up paddle board, packing down to the size of a small sleeping bag and weighing only 12.9-lbs. It’s the new go-to board for all your adventures. For the past two year’s we’ve been working to design a SUP that exceeds the current standards for ultra-lightweight durability and packability and we believe we’ve done just that.

To bring the Chasm-Lite to you as quickly as possible, we’re looking to those who love adventure and those who love the outdoors. A successfully funded campaign by your generous backing, will allow us to approve our manufactures to produce, pack, and ship The Chasm-Lite to you as fast as possible.

Ten years ago, when Kokopelli was first founded, we set out to make the lightest and most packable packrafts to get you further than ever before. The Chasm-Lite is the next product line that will allow you to take your adventuring further, and make it easier while doing it.


The Chasm-Lite was designed for ultimate portability. Our goals:

  • Create the lightest and most packable SUP in the industry
  • Significantly reduce stowage and pack down size for ultimate portability
  • Deliver a go-to product kit to easily get you on the water

We’ve been sweating the small stuff. The honeycomb traction pad has been strategically designed to be only where you need it, reducing overall weight. The four D-Rings have been kept only to the essential areas to reduce weight and maintain storage. A padded grab handle allows you to easily carry the board, and packs flat when the Chasm-Lite is rolled.


At just 18″ tall when fully packed, the Chasm-Lite fits into almost any nook and cranny you can think of.

  • Packs down to the size of a sleeping bag
  • Fit’s easily into a backpack
  • Beneath your back seat
  • Squirrel it away in a small closet
  • Ready to jet set! Carry-on luggage is no problem



The Chasm-Lite comes with everything you need to quickly get onto the water:

  • 10-ft. inflatable SUP
  • Collapsible, 4-piece carbon fiber paddle
  • Nano Barrel Pump
  • 9-inch fin
  • Waterproof Dry-bag Backpack
  • Emergency repair kit

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