Video: Grizzly Hit By Truck In Yellowstone

Video: Grizzly Hit By Truck In Yellowstone


Video: Grizzly Hit By Truck In Yellowstone


YouTube channel At Home In Wild Spaces is a frequent visitor to Yellowstone National Park.

He claims to have seen hundreds of bears over the course of years visiting the park, but had never seen one hit by a vehicle until he filmed the video below.

The video picks up with the YouTuber explaining that he spotted an injured sow laying on the side of the road. He assumes that a truck had hit the bear just minutes before.

At Home In Wild Spaces: “Yellowstone National Park has become just as famous, if not more famous, for its resplendent wildlife as it is its thermal features and grizzly bears are among the parks most popular animal residents. As powerful and beautiful as grizzlies are, the truth is they are still vulnerable. I’ve seen more grizzly bears in Yellowstone than I can count, but the fall of 2020 may be my most impactful month for grizzly encounters I’ve had in all my years of visiting and documenting Yellowstone National Park’s wildlife. This video focuses primarily on a sow grizzly who was hit and injured by a truck, laying motionless for some time on the side of the road before hobbling off into the woods. This is the story of her injury and a reminder to stay attentive when visiting Yellowstone National Park.”

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