“I am forced to make a decision to end the expedition. The forecast for the next days and weeks is getting worse. Heavy snowfall and strong wind, will make it impossible to reach our goal. Due to the high risk and the tough, unpredictable conditions in the Himalayas this year, I felt that this was the only right decision. Thank you for your support, together with the whole team we felt it at every step.” –Andrzej Bargiel

Bummer news from Everest as Polish ski mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel decided it was best to abandon his plans to ski the world’s tallest mountains due to disadvantageous conditions.  Andrezej kept his chin up during this video announcement to cancel his ambitious plan but you can tell he is deeply disappointed.

This is his second attempt to ski Everest after turning back in 2019 due to safety issues. Andrezej does already hold one incredible achievement in the world of ski mountaineering as he became the first man in history to ski from the summit of K2 to base camp without removing skis in 2018.

As much as it sucks to put your heart and soul into a project only to see it waylaid by weather, we know Andrezej and his team gave it their absolute all and we are happy they are safe. Might not have skied Everest this time but you are still a hero 🇵🇱.

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