Stowe Announces $450 Season Parking Pass That Doesn't Guarantee Spot

Stowe Announces $450 Season Parking Pass That Doesn't Guarantee Spot


Stowe Announces $450 Season Parking Pass That Doesn't Guarantee Spot


Stowe Mountain Resort -

Stowe, VT is responding to the crippling influx of traffic on its lone two-lane access road by charging for parking this season.

They stated back in May that daily parking on weekends and holidays will cost $30, and we now know that a season parking pass will cost $450.

What’s odd is that parking is still first-come, first-serve. This means Epic passholders could shell out an additional $450 for a season parking pass and still not be guaranteed a parking spot.

That uh…sucks.

It’s important to note that parking will remain free at all lots on non-peak days Monday-Thursday and after 2pm everyday. Guests who arrive in a vehicle with 4 or more passengers will be allowed to park for free any day at any time.

Passes will be available for purchase on October 11th at 6PM. You can click here to read more about the season parking pass at Stowe.

^Traffic headed to Stowe. Credit: Gordon Miller, Stowe Reporter

Who in their right mind would even bother with purchasing an Epic Pass, paying for parking, and still sitting in traffic every weekend to ski at Stowe?

It makes sense if you’re a broke college kid who scores a student Epic Pass and can load up your SUV with three of your best friends every weekend to get free parking, but otherwise, it’s a hard sell.

I love that I’m not a real journalist because it means I can be extremely biased when I say this-

Attention good people of Vermont and New England. There are plenty of better places to ski in Northern Vermont than Stowe to begin with. Go explore the rest of the state where the soul of skiing and snowboarding lives on.

Featured Image Credit: Stowe

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