Bear Takes Selfies On GoPro Found In Snow (Watch)

Bear Takes Selfies On GoPro Found In Snow (Watch)


Bear Takes Selfies On GoPro Found In Snow (Watch)


A Wyoming man got the surprise of a lifetime when he charged up his GoPro that he lost earlier in the year.

Read on for his description of events:

“This GoPro had been sitting in the snow for a long time. When I finally found it, I charged it up and couldn’t believe what I saw. After four months of it sitting there, a big old black bear found it and not only managed to turn it on but also started recording himself playing with it. Hands down the craziest thing I’ve seen!” 

The footage is remarkable. You have to watch it for yourself:

*Feel free to jump around the video for the best parts. The bear isn’t exactly at Stanley Kubrick’s level of cinematography.*

GoPro needs to use this footage in some kind of marketing ploy, right?

Not only did the camera still work after sitting in the Wyoming snow for four months, it survived being used as a chew toy for an adult black bear, AND it recorded everything!

Is this the greatest GoPro video of all time? It just might be…

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