Meet Kevin Wilson, Eldora's Adaptive Ski Bum (Watch)

Meet Kevin Wilson, Eldora's Adaptive Ski Bum (Watch)


Meet Kevin Wilson, Eldora's Adaptive Ski Bum (Watch)


Kevin Wilson was paralyzed in a car crash as a teenager. His active life of playing football, basketball, and skiing suddenly came to a halt.

Wilson spiraled into a depression that included alcoholism, but 31 years after his accident, he’s sober, working his dream job leading Ignite Adaptive Sports at Eldora Mountain (Colorado) and skis almost every day of the season.

Please watch this fantastic short film about Wilson’s journey, and how adaptive skiing has changed his life.

Film by: Roo Smith

Roo Smith: Kevin Wilson, 31 years after a paralyzing car crash, is now living his dream as a ski bum despite a long and difficult path to get to where he is now. After his car wreck, he struggled with mental health, alcoholism and obesity but wanted to make a positive change in his life – so he started skiing again. Now, he’s sharing his love of the mountains with others by running a non-profit dedicated to providing winter sport opportunities for individuals affected by a disability.”

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