Loveland Ski Area, CO is gearing up for opening day, which if mother nature allows it, could happen in under a month!

The ski area has stated that they intend to start making snow as early as September 30th, and skiers across the Front Range and Denver are practically pissing their pants with excitement. (Too intense? Sorry…)

Loveland is debuting a new chairlift this season. Teams have been working all summer to replace Chair 6 with a new fixed-grip triple from Leitner-Poma.

Check out the sweet video below of crew members installing Chair 6’s new towers with the help of a helicopter.

Those dudes on the ground and in the sky must feel so badass that their job includes building chairlifts. Think about it. Wouldn’t you feel like a badass getting to tell people that’s your job?

Stay tuned here at Unofficial Networks for opening day buzz. We’ll be paying attention as resorts across the country compete to be the first to open.

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