Broncos Country, Let’s Ride. After newly acquired Quarterback Russell Wilson uttered the phrase in a Broncos pump-up video, the meme has swept the nation. While many people see the meme as cringeworthy, it’s a motto that Broncos Country has gotten behind. It’s even a phrase that inspired my fantasy football team name: Broncos Country Let’s Cry. So when the Broncos needed some big names to pump their fans up for their first regular season game, they got some Colorado legends.

In a pump-up video for their game against the Seahawks, skiers will certainly recognize a few people. Mikaela Shiffrin is the first person to utter the phrase in the video, with Lindsey Vonn saying it shortly afterward.

The Broncos would end up losing to what is predicted to be one of the worst teams in the league, and also, Russell Wilson’s former squad: The Seahawks. Instead of letting Wilson cook on a fourth-and-five situation in his old stadium, they went for a 64-yard field goal, which they missed, thus losing the game. Sorry Broncos Country, I can’t ride with that play call.

Image/Video Credits: Denver Broncos, Empower Field at Mile High

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