WATCH: The Badass Snowmakers Of Los Angeles

WATCH: The Badass Snowmakers Of Los Angeles


WATCH: The Badass Snowmakers Of Los Angeles


What comes to mind when you think of Los Angeles?

Most likely palm trees, Hollywood, beaches, and sunny skies, right? But, did you know that there are multiple ski resorts in the same county?! Feel free to drop that nugget to impress a girl at a bar. That one is on me.

The ski resorts in Los Angeles County aren’t going to blow you out of the water, but they’re nothing to scoff at. They’re decently-sized mountains with impressive snowmaking operations to keep people sliding on snow for as long as possible.

Snowmaking is an absolute necessity for ski resorts to survive in southern California. The resorts have decent peak elevations, but warm temps and little annual snowfall means that manmade snow is the only way for the resorts to exist.

The video below honors the hardworking snowmakers of Mountain High Resort located in Los Angeles County, California.

You’re going to love it. Enjoy!

I absolutely loved this video, and it makes me want to give a snowmaker a big ol’ hug and a pat on the back. Their hard work has afforded me so many pleasures throughout my life of skiing.

Who knows, maybe I’ll make it out to Mountain High one of these days with my Indy Pass in hand to sample some of the fruits of the resort’s snowmaker’s labor. I would be honored to carve it up with those guys.

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