Icelantic Announces Special Edition Jim Pollock Nomad 105s

Icelantic Announces Special Edition Jim Pollock Nomad 105s


Icelantic Announces Special Edition Jim Pollock Nomad 105s


Phishheads rejoice! For the second year ever, Icelantic Skis has teamed up with longtime Phish artist Jim Pollock to bring us an absolutely dusty pair of special edition Nomad 105s. These guys, like the normal Nomad 105s, have a center width of 105mm (as their name suggests), meaning they’re perfect for your all mountain ski adventures. Are they the fattest skis in the world? No, but do you really need 120mm skis to float beautifully in powder? (Struggling to find the answer? I’ll give you a hint… probably not.)

Forget about the ski specs, let’s talk art. If you don’t know anything about Jim Pollock, honestly, you’re missing out. This guy has done a ton of cool and whacky art for Phish and other bands, and, of course, just made a very large amount of other sweet art. You can, and should, check out his website here. But that’s not the point here. The design Pollock has done for these skis is super sweet, depicting a cartoon ocean scape with a diving robot, octopus, and much more. If you get your hands on these, try not to start thinking you’re underwater while skiing on them. I don’t know what would happen, but I don’t think it would be good.

Skis and prints (oh yeah, they’re sellin’ prints) will be available for pre-order online at 10am MT on Saturday, September 3rd. There’s a limited number of both, so if you want them, you better act fast (they sold out within minutes last time they did this collaboration). If, however, you happen to be attending any of the four Phish concerts this weekend at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Denver, you can enter a raffle to win either a free pair of skis or a free print. Make sure to stop by the Waterwheel Tent to enter if that sparks you interest.

Raffle sales and 1% of ski and print sales are set to be donated to the WaterWheel Foundation, a foundation created by Phish to support nonprofit organizations in Vermont and any community the band happens to visit.

I can’t even begin to tell you how badly I wish I could get my hands on these suckers. But, alas, many others will have to enjoy them instead. I think I can continue to survive with my old skis knowing there are people out there enjoying these beauties.

Image Credit: Icelantic Skis on Instagram

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