Pikes Peak Hit With Summer Snow

Pikes Peak Hit With Summer Snow


Pikes Peak Hit With Summer Snow


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Pikes Peak is one of Colorado’s most popular summer attractions.

Tourists climb the famous auto road over 7,000 vertical feet from the start near Cascade, CO to the summit at over 14,000 feet above sea level.

It’s not uncommon for temperatures to vary 30-40 degrees from start to finish, and for snow to dust the peak in the early fall and late spring, but snow in the middle of August is at least a little bit unusual.

That’s why every news agency in Denver and Colorado Springs was ecstatic to share pictures of a significant dusting of snow covering the ground at Pikes Peak yesterday afternoon.

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It ain’t much, but snow is snow, and even this miniscule accumulation at 14,000 feet got me excited for the coming season. It won’t be long until places like Arapahoe Basin will be firing up their snow guns, groomers will start moving snow, and we’ll all be skiing.

Hold on tight folks. We’re almost there.

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