What Is The Biggest Problem With The Ski Industry Today?

What Is The Biggest Problem With The Ski Industry Today?


What Is The Biggest Problem With The Ski Industry Today?


The ski industry has no shortage of challenges. Climate change, real estate, employee wages, cost of gear, affordable housing, lift ticket prices…should I keep going?

We decided to ask our Facebook followers what they thought was the biggest problem facing the ski industry today, and their answers didn’t disappoint.

Most of them are actual problems the ski industry is facing, but some were so funny that we just had to include them here in the article.

Check out the best answers below:

Katherine T: “Climate change! 🌎 The biggest problem for the industry. And as everyone’s said, it’s just too damn expensive for the average family. Golf has found a way to eliminate barriers in, I think, some substantial ways. The ski industry should look for some inspo.”

Stein A: “That they charge so much for a ticket price, but don’t pay their employees a living wage or do anything to assist with the issue of affordable housing.”

Curtis G: “Not enough ski areas to service the increase of skiers/riders.”

J Rich S: “Mountains are too steep. Too many trees”

Paul H: “Backpack speakers.”

P Alton M: “I’ll tell ya, no etiquette in the long lift lines.
Know the code. We all spent the same money to get wherever it is you chose to ride that weekend, so your in the same boat as the person your standing next to. And, if I crack a beer in the lift line, don’t be salty, just ask and maybe we’ll share. Respect is all we ask for.”

Tanner N: “Those damn snowboarders”

Andy S: “Air Bnb vacation homes in ski towns. Greed.”

Corey H: “Price of beer”

Ken T: “Need tort reform in this country to reduce lawsuits across all facets of business. Insurance is one of the biggest costs to Buisness that in turn makes it unaffordable to the consumer.”

Dan K: “Not enough bar stools at Summit Ski Area on Mt Hood”

Ian W: “It’s too cold. Needs to be at least 75 before I go skiing ….”

Brian H: “Disgruntled employees who keep their jobs for free turns, even though the pay sucks, housing sucks and the clients are entitled pricks.”

Nick M: “Spending $200 for a lift ticket to wait in 30 minute lift lines”

Jay S: “It’s all down hill.”

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