Boston Mills Brandywine Auctioning Off Old Double And Quad Chairs

Boston Mills Brandywine Auctioning Off Old Double And Quad Chairs

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Boston Mills Brandywine Auctioning Off Old Double And Quad Chairs


There have been several opportunities for you to purchase an old chairlift through a multitude of different auctions this summer. Loveland, Heavenly, Mount Snow, Stowe, Powder Ridge, and Loon have all given the public the opportunity to get their hands on a piece of ski mountain history. This Friday and Saturday, another mountain will be joining the ranks, Boston Mills Brandywine Resort in Northeast Ohio. With upgrades coming for two lifts on the resort, there are 30 total chairs available.

10 double chairs, which each weigh ~150 pounds, and 20 quad chairs, which each weigh ~350 pounds, become available on Friday, August 19th, at 12 p.m. ET. Multiple signs will also be available. The mountain promises that all proceeds are set to benefit both the EpicPromise Foundation, an organization designed to help Vail Resorts employees in times of need, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Ohio.

The auction concludes at 12 p.m. ET on Saturday, August 20th, so there’s only a full 24 hours to participate. If you’re interested, you can access the auction here. However, products will not be shipped and must be picked up at Boston Mills on either August 25th or August 26th, so if you don’t live anywhere near the resort, it may be better to sit this one out (it also might be better to let people who actually shred and love the resort get their hands on the lift chairs, rather than having some California or Colorado people take them all out of the state).

I always love seeing resorts auctioning off the old chairs. It lets the history of the mountain stay alive, and as resorts rapidly modernize across the country, I’m starting to miss those good ol’ rickety double chairs that I learned to ski with. Someday, hopefully, I’ll be able to actually grab my own chair, but for now, I’ll just be jealous of those who already own one.

Image Credit: Boston Mills Brandywine on Instagram

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