Indy Pass Announcing *Major* West Coast Addition Tomorrow

Indy Pass Announcing *Major* West Coast Addition Tomorrow


Indy Pass Announcing *Major* West Coast Addition Tomorrow


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The Indy Pass can already claim an impressive list of major ski areas that are partners on their unbelievably affordable ski pass:

Power Mountain, UT, Jay Peak, VT, Mission Ridge, WA, Brundage, ID, and Cannon Mountain, NH to name a few.

And the deal is going to get even sweeter.

The Indy Pass is teasing that a ‘major West coast’ resort will be joining their ranks for the Winter ’22-’23 season.

They’re set to make the big announcement right here on Unofficial Networks at 1PM ET.

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Who could it be…?!

I already know who the resort is (I’m a super-important ski blogger after all), and I can promise you that Indy Pass lovers won’t be disappointed. This a HUGE addition to Indy’s every-growing list of partner resorts.

It adds significant value to those that reside in one of the United States’ weirder parts of the country. That’s the only hint I’ll give for now. 😉

Remember to check back here with us at 1PM ET for the big announcement!

You can learn more about The Indy Pass here.

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