There’s a certain vibe that’s attributed to the California skating scene, right? I just mean I’m not the only one who thinks of our skateboarding friends in The Golden State as a bunch of raggedy Vans-wearing, weed smoking, beer drinking, eclectic dressing, rebellious bros, right?

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that either. In fact, I’m pretty jealous considering I grew up in a mostly rural small town that nobody has ever heard of, but I digress.

I just feel like this video from Bronson Speed Company perfectly fits my preconceived mold of the California skate scene, and thought it was worth a share.

Bronson held an event called ‘GNARMAGEDDON’, which I thought was sick considering Unofficial Networks’ history, and it had skaters shred a converted speed boat in an alley between warehouses.

It just really doesn’t get more California than this.