This Is Why Crowded Slopes Are The Worst

This Is Why Crowded Slopes Are The Worst


This Is Why Crowded Slopes Are The Worst


I took a trip with my mom and brother to Disney World recently. I wasn’t originally supposed to go with them, but some other events’ in my life cleared up my schedule.

The Disney I remembered as a young starry-eyed kid seemed like a fairytale.  That’s probably because it’s been 20 years, and the magic of Disney hits different when you’re 6-years-old vs 26-years-old.

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. The point that I’m trying to make is that the crowds of Disney drove me insane. I’m sure those crowds existed when I was a kid, but it was all I noticed this time around.

You can go to Disney any day of the year and you’re expected to stand in line for 2 hours to go on a ride, stand in line to get food, attempt to navigate massive crowds of people to go from Point A to Point B, and continuously endure the endless crush of thousands of people crammed together.

I have a fear that the ski industry is moving closer towards that experience every single season.

There are more people skiing than ever, which is great! But, flashy mega-passes, climate change, and mismanagement of ski resorts is causing our resorts to get over-crowded.

Some resorts are preserving the ski experience, but the scenes like the one in the video below aren’t all that uncommon these days on weekends and Holidays.

The video below was recorded in Germany, but I’ve witnessed similar scenes at ski resorts in all regions of the United States. Way too many skiers on a narrow trail leads to absolute carnage. You’ll see what I mean.

Some of you will immediately jump to say- ‘The snowboarder is in the wrong. She was uphill and the skier has the right of way.’ 

While you’re not wrong, can you really blame this incident on anybody but the ski resort?

For starters, it looks like everybody on that trail is either a beginner or a novice. They’re all crammed together on a narrow trail and they’re expected to not run into each other? It’s crazy.

It just makes me sick thinking that mega resorts might normalize waiting an hour in lift lines, and navigating over-crowded slopes for the average person. Thousands of people are willing to do it every single day at Disney World, why wouldn’t they do the same to go skiing? 🤮

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