Digital rendering of Manasoo shipwreck, Courtesy: Jerry Eliason/mlive

The Manasoo, a steam-powered ship, sank in Lake Huron over 90 years ago, and the wreckage was discovered last year some 200′ below the surface.

Scuba divers noted that the ship was mostly intact, and found a classic 1927 Chevrolet Coupe within the ship.

The Manasoo was loaded with cattle, and investigators believe the ship sank due to the cattle herd shifting.

Sixteen of the 21 people on board died, and the survivors were left floating for 60 hours until they were rescued by another steamer.

So cool to see that the ship is still preserved after all this time. Here’s to hoping they can recover that car from the shipwreck some day. It would be amazing to see it in a museum some day.


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