Woman Banned For Lying In Missing Person Search At National Park

Woman Banned For Lying In Missing Person Search At National Park

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Woman Banned For Lying In Missing Person Search At National Park


“Mycoskie provided a very detailed description of McLaughlin and stated she had a discussion with him in which he shared where he lived, where he was from, and his place of employment. The subsequent investigation revealed Mycoskie never saw anyone matching McLaughlin’s description on June 8, 2021, in Grand Teton National Park.”-National Park Service

This story is a great reminder not to lie to park officials, especially when it involves a missing person. NBC News report that Grand Teton National Park has banned Heather Mycoskie from visiting the Wyoming national park for five years, and is forcing her to pay a fine of $17,600 to the Department of Treasury. The ban and fine are because Heather “knowingly provided false information and a false report in the search for missing hiker Cian McLaughlin.”

Heather claimed that she had seen Cian on June 8th during the afternoon or early evening, and claimed that he was heading towards a rock that he enjoyed jumping off into Taggart Lake. Park officials launched a $17,600 investigation towards finding him but found nothing. They then discovered that he wasn’t even close to that location in the time frame that Heather Mycoskie described, as he was located around Delta Lake at that point. The investigation later found that Heather didn’t see anyone that resembled Cian, and continued to fabricate the details in order for the search to continue. Cian was last seen on June 8, 2021, near the Lupine Meadows trailhead.

Today, Heather Mycoskie broke her silence, saying that she knowingly falsified the information. The reason though was in order to keep the investigation going, as she believed that the National Park Service had practically stopped its efforts to find Cian McLaughlin. Heather got the information from the Bistro Restaurant in Jackson, where Cian worked at one point. She claims to have already paid the fine. Heather is the former wife of Blake Mycoskie, who is the founder and CEO of Toms Shoes. Tom Shoes is known as one of the most charitable companies on the planet.

Cian McLaughlin is still labeled as missing. McLaughlin had the following items when he was last seen hiking: a red Apple watch, a red iPhone 12 mini, gold wire-rimmed sunglasses, a silver U-shaped pendant, and a white T-shirt. If you know anything about Cian’s whereabouts, please call 888-653-0009.

Image Credits: Grand Teton National Park

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