"Maine's Finest Athlete" Jumps Over Fellow Skier (Watch)

"Maine's Finest Athlete" Jumps Over Fellow Skier (Watch)


"Maine's Finest Athlete" Jumps Over Fellow Skier (Watch)


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If you’re not familiar with Donny Pelletier, aka ‘Maine’s Finest Athlete’, then wake the f*ck up, pal!

Pelletier is one of the best online personalities in the skiing community, and he’s a must-follow on Instagram- @donnypelletier207.

Don’t worry, I’ll provide a little bit of context for those of you not up to speed with Pelletier’s antics. I just felt the need to shame you first. Sorry.

Pelletier is known for a wicked thiccc Maine accent, drinking lotsa Moxie, and hot doggin’ evry hill west of Bah Habah. Essentially, he’s a hilarious character that makes all of us laugh here at Unofficial Networks. Need I say more?

Most of Pelletier’s videos show him not necessarily skiing well in the traditional sense, but his most recent video proves he’s actually got some skills. You have to check it out for yourself below:

Dude just casually jumps over another skier and laces some kind of inverted 360 like it’s no big deal. (sorry, I’m terrible with recognizing tricks. I’m sure one of you will tell me the correct name.)

Bravo, Donny, bravo. Next rounda’ Sam Adam’s and lobstah rolls on me.

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