"The Chuck Bucket" Hitch Mounted Ski Storage System

"The Chuck Bucket" Hitch Mounted Ski Storage System


"The Chuck Bucket" Hitch Mounted Ski Storage System


“The Chuck Bucket is the ultimate trailer hitch ski rack: It’s easy to use, quick to install, and provides many options for securing your gear.”

You’re probably familiar with similar vertical style ski/snowboard storage systems as seen on resort shuttles and gondolas but now there’s one available for purchase for your personal vehicle.

The Chuck Bucket was prototyped by engineer/dad who wasn’t satisfied with the struggle of storing his family’s gear on traditional roof mounted racks going to and from the mountain. He prototyped the design by bolting a 5 gallon bucket to a cheap bike rack and refined the design over a couple ski seasons before debuting it on Kickstarter where it was fully funded with $64,691 pledged.

The system simple to install, tilts back to maintain rear entry to your vehicle and holds up to 8 pairs of skis or 4+ snowboards. The Kickstarter campaign is closed but you can still pre-order a Chuck Bucket for $319.00 HERE

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